Monday, February 22, 2010

My Diet/Fitness Community

I need help today. I am working on getting into a certain shape with my body! I'm not making it on my own. I am having a hard time doing different things at different times during the days.
This is Jackie Warner, and this picture/cover the Fitness RX magazine hangs on my vision board that I have in my bedroom.
This is what I will look like!!!!

Where I need the help is in my community. I need each and everyone of you to help keep me accountable for my working out and eating right!! So that means:
  • check in with me to see where I am at
  • be strong with me if I am not on track
  • tell me straight if I am not doing what I say I want to
  • Help me make good choices in food when you are with me
  • Come work out with me
  • Be one of my buddies
  • Come up with another way to help me get here!!!
Thank you for reading this, and being a part of my community.
I don't want to be ordinary...I want to be EXTRAORDINARY!!!
You can too :)
Thank you,