Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beg of March Update on Fitness

Hey Everyone! So for a little while there I had been weighing myself, and the scale kept going up ;(...I was doing P90x and then insanity (not both at the same time) and I was not doing any food calorie diary...I thought that if I was working out in the extremes that would take care of my calorie consumption! Boy was I wrong!!!

So for the last two to three weeks I have been avoiding the scale. It has not been my friend.
Since then I have been using Livestrong.com for my daily calorie consumption and fitness tracking. I have felt very good inside both mentally and physically, and thought that I was loosing weight. My clothes started to fit a little bit better, but most of I felt like I was in control.

So today I got on my scale, and wow....I've lost 3 lbs!!!

In addition to the website, I have made a vision board...which I will post of pic of. It motivates me to be that person that I deep down inside want to be.

So today I weighed in at 165.4. My goal is to be at 150 by May. I am doubting that this is going to happen, but at the same time I am super dedicated to doing it.

I threw out the lingering birthday cakes....no more temptation there! And just really focusing hard on what it is that I really want and how I want to look and feel.

Most importantly, I want to thank my community of friends and family for your support and information.
Laura and Tracy went for a walk with me. Laura has been sending me wonderful emails about tips for weight loss. Michelle has buddied my on livestrong.com. Lindsey and I worked out together multiple times while I visited her in Washington DC...which was a huge catalyst for my motivation. Taryn has sent me inspirational emails for working out. Paula has joined Jenny Craig, and that motivates me :) My dad is interested in loosing weight as well. So thank you ladies for being there for me, and keep it up!!! Dear has sent me smoothie recipes.
If there is anyone that I missed....please come forward and let me know!! I apologize for forgetting you :)
I want to live this life time having fun, excitement and adventure fill my world!!

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