Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today's Thought March 11, 2010

Hey All,
So I have been tweeking a lot of things this week. The first being a new pair of workout capri's. Looking good while working out makes a big difference. You want to get out there and have people see you, and you like looking at yourself when you look good. I found a pair of cute Addidas capri's at Costco, they usually always have something to workout in when I go there. Plus I got them in black, which helps with slimming for the eye, and it goes with everything!!

I also started tweeking my calorie intake. I have been using my website, and wanted to get more from my food intake. I previously had a higher calorie intake alloted, and dropped it to help make this weight loss a for sure thing. Previosly I had a higher calorie intake, and it made it EASY to make it through the day with enough food to not feel hungry. Which I think was good to get started tracking my foods, and feeling accomplished by not going over, and tracking HONESTLY.
I have since cut back about 300 calories. Yesterday was the second day, and I made it almost easily. I didn't feel hungry...but the mind was thinking "hey, this is kinda scary!" I just kept going back to my vision board and thinking, "okay, I want to be 15lbs lighter. Why??? Because I want to look and feel amazing in my bathing suite when Im in Kauai for T's wedding, and then at Memorial Day for the annual camping trip!" It then goes right into my trip to South Africa.

All of these events I have mentioned have something to do with photo's taken of me, to remember for my lifetime. I came back from Antarctica thinking, well I'm sure glad that we got to wear all that gear to stay warm, cause otherwise I wouldn't want to look at the pics.
SO this year, 2010, I am going to get fit, and look great. I want to be proud of my pics, and more importantly, of myself! I want to feel as amazing as I think I am!!!

So, I leave you today with a few thoughts:
1. Track your calories
2. Re-evaluate your calorie intake as needed, make sure you are at the right number
3. Remind yourself why you are doing this
4. Start exercising with interval training in your workouts
a. this means twice a week or so, do a cardio event that you alternate sprinting (or speeding up) every so often. Walk for 2 mins, sprint for 1 min. Do this for the 30mins you are working out...the weight will start falling off if you are eating right!
Love you guys!!
Thank you for the support and continue with all the wonderful suggestions for recipes and workout ideas!!!

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  1. Keep on truckin tat!! As long as you're burning more calories than are going in you WILL lose weight. its a fact! Interval training is also one of the best ways to burn those're doing all the right stuff and I can't wait to see the new you in may!! love ya, T